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Support and membership of every wildlife rancher is important to ensure that WRN truly represents the interest of all wildlife ranchers and the entire wildlife industry at all levels.


WRN cares for the game farmer’s interest – whether you are an emerging, part-time or commercial game rancher.


WRN was built on the foundation laid by the WRN Constitution and the WRN Code of Conduct. WRN is represented by the WRN council.


The annual WRN membership fee is R3,500.00 (incl. VAT).

For every additional member to your entity / registered name there will be a supplementary fee of N$ 500 (incl. VAT). The additional member will have the exact same benefits as the main member.


Please download and complete the application form here to apply to become a member of WRN


You will receive an invoice with WRN's banking details as well as a membership number. Please use your account number as reference.

You will also receive a membership card, which will be ready for collection within 2 weeks of membership payment. 


By Signing this form I hereby undertake to abide by the WRN Constitution and the WRN Code of Conduct to:

- Use the natural resources at my disposal wisely;

- use game ethically and according to acceptable norms;

- to practice nature conservation strictly and

- to further enhance the image of the game rancher.


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