Wildlife Ranching Namibia

Wildlife Ranching Namibia (WRN) was established in 2014, from the necessity of wildlife ranchers in Namibia needing a representative body to move them into the new and dynamic era of wildlife ranching. WRN is a non-profit organisation. WRN's main function is to liaise closely between the game ranchers, non-governmental and governmental authorities to ensure a healthy working relationship, assisting governmental authorities with the setting up of policies, regulations and norms and standards applicable to the wildlife industry. Our main function and aim is to ensure that governmental authorities and the game rancher liaise closely to ensure a favorable milieu for the upcoming industry. We strive to be an all-inclusive organization.

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WRN Council and Members

Support and membership of every wildlife rancher is important to ensure that WRN truly represents the interest of all wildlife ranchers and the entire wildlife industry at all levels. WRN cares for the game farmer’s interest – whether you are an emerging, part-time or commercial game rancher. WRN was built on the foundation laid by the WRN Constitution and the WRN Code of Conduct. WRN is represented by the WRN council.

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To join WRN, register online and gain membership access to the forum, auctions and more. If you are already a member, feel free to login, create your profile, put lots up for auction and converse in the forum.